Video Fishing Tips & Techniques - Topwater Baits

  • Wired2Fish - Walking Baits Tips

  • FLWFishing - The Whopper Plopper

  • Dean Rojas - Locating Frog Fish

Better Half Tour - Couples Bass Fishing

Our 10th Anniversary Season!

1 in 4 Teams Cash
Special Bonus Awards
Cool Sponsor Prizes!

A competitive bass fishing tournament for every level of angler, the 2021 Better Half Tour gives guys & gals a chance to team up for a fun day of fishing on four Ohio lakes (Lake Milton, Mosquito Lake, Berlin Lake, Portage Lakes), plus the annual Weekend Getaway at Chautauqua Lake, NY.

Better Half Tour - Couples Bass Fishing Tournaments
Fish the Better Half Tour

We welcome all college team mates, couples, father/daughters, mother/son, neighbors – ANY mixed team combo to join us!  Find out more >>>

Video Fishing Tips & Techniques - Jig Fishing

  • Gerald Swindle - Bottom Swimming Jigs

  • Stroking a Jig - Scott Martin

  • Swing Head Jigs - Davy Hite

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Ohio Pro Lure - Verbinator Baits

The Ohio Pro Lure MAX Series spinnerbait, buzzbaits, jigs & hooks are tournament standards. With Verbinator Baits on board – you enjoy the very finest ‘hardware’ (spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, jigs) and ‘software’ (Donkeys, jig trailers, tubes, etc.) available for bass fishing.

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Video Fishing Tips & Techniques - Swimbaits

  • Non-Typical Swimbait Patterns

  • How to Fish a Finesse Swimbait

  • Pre-Spawn Swimbaits with KVD

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Finesse Fishing - Video Fishing Tips & Techniques

  • Ultimate Grub Fishing Finesse Rig

  • Aaron Martens' Drop Shot Secrets

  • Ultra Finesse Bass Fishing