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Professional Bass Anglers – Topwater Fishing

  • Lucky Tackle Box - Walking Baits

  • FLWFishing - The Whopper Plopper

  • Dean Rojas - Fishing a Frog

2018 Better Half Tour

1 in 4 Cash + Cool Sponsor Prizes!

A great bass fishing tournament for every level of angler, the Better Half Tour gives guys & gals a chance to team up for a fun day of fishing on scenic Portage Lakes, plus our 2nd Weekend Getaway at Chautauqua Lake, NY.

We welcome and invite all college team mates, couples, father/daughters, mother/son, neighbors – ANY mixed team combination to join us!

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Professional Bass Angler Tips & Techniques – Jig Fishing

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  • Tom Monsoor on Swim Jigs

  • Next Level Dock Skipping - Gerald Swindle

Professional Bass Anglers – Swimbait Fishing

  • Brandon Palaniuk Swimbait Seminar

  • Fishing Small Swimbaits

  • Terry Bolton - Spring for Swimbaits

Angler Tips & Techniques – Finesse Bass Fishing

  • The Ultimate Grub Fishing Finesse Rig

  • Don’t Overlook Drop Shot Fishing Shallow

  • Spring Finesse Fishing with Kevin VanDam

Your Fishing Tackle - Bass Fishing A-to-Z

Stop back often for the latest fishing tackle updates, 2016 I-Cast Show highlights, live fishing tackle auctions, fishing boats for sale, and more! Also, we’ll direct you to the best places to find top quality gear to add to your fishing tackle arsenal. Even though we’re all not fishing in the same waters, there are techniques that will help you enjoy this wonderful sport of fishing.

  • Humminbird Helix 10 - Best of Show

The Fishing Map

Fishing electronics. Sonar. Down scan, side scan, structure scan. 360-degree imaging. Chips and cards.

If any of that sounds a little confusing to you, you’re in the right place. Our mission at The Fishing Map is to help you make sense of all these options and equipment levels to ensure that you have the right “fish finder” for your boat and what species you fish for.

Visit The Fishing Map or watch here for special deals on electronics!